Safety Tips For Asbestos Removal


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Safety Measures for Asbestos Removal

Asbestos, a naturally occurring mineral group, can be pretty dangerous in its friable form. It contains microfibres that can be easily airborne. If these airborne fibres are inhaled, it may lead to several diseases like Mesothelioma, asbestosis, lung cancer, etc. They can be present in a friable or non-friable form in construction material. If you doubt that your house may contain Asbestos-containing Materials or ACM, then it is better to get them safely removed. However, one needs to take some safety measures for asbestos removal. If you hire a licensed service provider for this, chances are they would take all the precautions. We at Watt Roofing provide you with their safe and effective removal and disposal following all safety measures.

Whether or not you are hiring a professional for the removal task, you should be well aware of the basic precautions that one needs to take while dealing with this natural mineral group. These have two forms, one is its friable form which is more dangerous, and the other is its non-friable form which is less dangerous as in this, the microfibers are held together by some strong binding agent. The non-friable forms are still used in many construction materials. Whatever, be the form, do remember to take precautionary measures while dealing with them.

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Safety Measures to Be Taken If You Detect Asbestos in a House or Building

Whether you are a worker or a person living in the house, when you first detect asbestos in a house or building, the basic safety measures that you should take are mentioned below:

  • If you are unsure if it is an ACM, still step away from the object or material you doubt is an ACM.
  • If you are a worker, immediately stop working, inform others, and prevent them from going near that material.
  • Either inform an asbestos removal company to do the survey of the place or collect the samples safely to send them for testing.
  • If you would collect the sample, ensure you are wearing appropriate protective gear like hand gloves, mask, and face shield.
  • Collect the sample without disturbing the ACM much; just a tiny amount would be enough.
  • If you need to break a chunk or something to take samples, then you better leave it to the professionals.
  • If you book a survey for the area, then let them handle everything. They would analyse and tell you whether or not you need to get them removed.

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Safety Measures before Asbestos Removal

Whether you are an experienced professional or new to this, you need to take specific safety measures before asbestos removal, as mentioned below:

  • Firstly, before you begin, create a control plan that would encompass the location, type, friable or non-friable form, the ACM’s condition, methods, procedures, hygiene, disposal, etc.
  • Mark the boundary of the working place with barricades or fences and post signs of asbestos work going on along with necessary precautions and steps before entering the area.
  • Apart from the necessary equipment, tools, and products, everything else should be removed.
  • Seal the windows, doors, or any inlet or outlet of the house to prevent the microfibers from getting carried to any other place.
  • The respirators to be worn should be properly fitted, inspected, cleaned, and disinfected.
  • Cover your body with suitable footwear and clothes that are non-permeable to these microfibers and ensure it is not torn or ill-fitted.

Safety Measures to Be Taken While Conducting Asbestos Removal

While conducting asbestos removal, ensure to follow the below-mentioned safety measures:

  • Do not eat, chew or drink in the area exposed to these harmful fibres.
  • Do not use clothes that are dropped in that area, and if any sheets or barriers have been dropped which cannot be thrown, then wipe them with water or vacuum them with a HEPA filter.
  • Do not use compressed air to clean or remove dust from surfaces.
  • The work area should be frequently cleaned during and after work.
  • A vacuum with a HEPA filter should be used to clean or remove dust.
  • The dust should be collected in a dust-tight container that is impervious to these microfibres and should contain a label depicting its presence.
  • After the completion of the work, the protective clothing should be decontaminated and, if needed, disposed of safely.
  • After removing the protective clothing, hands and face should be properly washed.

At Watt Roofing, we follow all safety measures for asbestos removal and disposal. We abide by all rules and provide adequate safety and facilities to our workers. So for any such need, you may feel free to contact us.

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