Asbestos Removal: Understanding the Danger and Why Professionals Are Necessary


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Asbestos Removal: Understanding the Danger and Why Professionals Are Necessary

Asbestos, a term that once signified resilience and insulation, now evokes concern and caution due to its hazardous health implications. This fibrous mineral, extensively used in buildings for much of the 20th century, has been linked to severe respiratory conditions, including lung cancer, asbestosis, and mesothelioma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer. The danger lies not in the intact, undisturbed asbestos but in its airborne fibers, which, when inhaled, can cause severe health issues. This critical health risk underscores the importance of professional asbestos removal, especially in regions like Auckland, where many older buildings still contain asbestos materials.

The Risks of DIY Asbestos Removal

The idea of DIY projects can be appealing for many reasons, including cost savings and the satisfaction of manual labor. However, when it comes to asbestos removal, the risks far outweigh the benefits. Disturbing asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) can release toxic fibers into the air. Without proper safety gear, procedures, and disposal methods, DIY enthusiasts risk not only their own health but also the health of their families and neighbors. Moreover, improper handling can lead to contamination of property and potential legal consequences.

The benefits of choosing Ambient Civil for Asbestos Removal

Ambient Civil is equipped with specialised knowledge, tools, and safety equipment to handle asbestos correctly. Firstly, we guarantee compliance with all regulatory requirements, avoiding potential fines or legal issues. Secondly, we make sure that the removal process is conducted safely, without endangering the health of the commercial and residential occupants or the removal team. Lastly, professional removal can enhance property value by eliminating the risk associated with asbestos.


While the temptation to handle asbestos removal independently may exist, the health risks and potential legal and financial repercussions make professional intervention a necessity. By entrusting asbestos removal to the professionals, property owners can feel the safety of their environment and contribute to the broader effort of protecting public health from the dangers of asbestos exposure.

To discuss your asbestos concerns and learn more about how Ambient Civil can assist you, contact us for detailed information and schedule a consultation.